Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Use Mobile Banking to Pay for Goods Purchased over Internet

The State Bank Mobile Banking can be used to make payment of goods purchased over more than 3000 websites. The payment is made using the facility of PayMate.
After completing the purchase over Internet, while checking out, various options are available to the user – (i) Credit Card (ii) Debit Card (iii) Direct debit to Bank account (iv) Paymate.
If you wish to pay using State Bank Mobile Banking, click on Paymate and enter your mobile number. You will be carried to a page where the details of your transactions are shown and you have to choose to make payment using three options – (i) Paymate (ii) IVR (iii) SBI.
Click on SBI and you will get the Merchant Name, Merchant Data and Amount.
Open the State Bank Mobile Banking application. Go to MCommerce > Merchant Payment > enter the details as shown on the website and send the request with your MPIN. The completion of transaction will be advised on the website.


Now you can send/receive money using mobile number and an additional 7 digit MMID number. The benefits are multiple-

i. No need to register the payee/beneficiary.
ii. Transfer of funds is real time i.e. the credit will hit beneficiary’s account almost instantaneously.

Only Mobile Banking customers can remit money under IMPS. However, all customers can receive funds in their accounts using this Service.
If you wish to receive funds through IMPS, please register your mobile number with the Bank and get 7 digit MMID. For receiving remittance, you will share your mobile number and MMID with the person sending money (remitter).

How to get MMID number?
All our mobile banking customers are issued 7 digit MMID for the primary account registered. For obtaining MMID for other accounts, they may visit the Branch and apply for MMID by filling up a form.
Customers not registered for Mobile Banking Service can register their mobile number at SBI ATM to get MMID for theprimary account linked to the ATM card:

Swipe your Debit Card > Select Mobile Registration> enter ATM PIN > Select SMS /Secure Code / IMPS > enter your mobile number > Confirm.

Customers not having ATM card / Customers having more than one account, can visit their Branch and apply for MMID, by filling up a form.
7 digit MMID number will be sent to you over SMS on the mobile number used for registration.

How to transfer funds using this Service?
Customers using the Application based service may please follow the steps as under:

Open the mobile banking application

Select Funds Transfer > Select Mobile to Mobile Transfer (IMPS) >enter mobile number of the payee > enter MMID of the payee > Enter purpose (optional) >enter amount > select account to be debited

Choose OK

Enter MPIN

Choose confirm and send the request.

The customers using the USSD based service may choose the IMPS option 7 after successful login and respond as follows:

· Enter the Mobile No of the payee
· Enter the MMID of the payee
· Enter the purpose
· Enter amount
· Enter the MPIN and complete the request

Customers using the SMS Banking can send the message using the following key words to 9223440000 for making a funds transfer through IMPS.

< MMID>< amount>

Forgotten your MMID?
You can retrieve the MMID for your account using any of the following methods:

Send the message MMID SBI to 9223440000 (for retrieving MMID for all accounts)


Send the message MMID SBI account number to 9223440000 (for retrieving MMID for a particular account)

Call toll-free number 1800 425 3800.
Chose Mobile Banking (Option 5)
You will be attended to by Customer Service Representative.
Provide Mobile Number.
You will be asked to validate certain particulars.
On successful validation, MMID will be sent by SMS to you.

Deregistration/Cancellation of MMID

Send SMS to 9223440000 in the following format

MMIDCANCEL SBI (for Cancelling MMID for all accounts)

MMIDCANCEL SBI accountnumber (for cancelling MMID for a particular account)

Please note:
For changing Mobile number, the customer has to deregister first and register again with new Mobile Number.
PARTICIPATING BANKS – An updated list of participating Banks is available under NPCI website -http://www.npci.org.in/bankmember.aspx.




Thursday, August 12, 2010

Settings and GPRS activation through SMS

Airtel - Prepaid Send SMS as ALL to 543210, then VBC ACTV to 222 Postpaid - GPRSACT 511
Vodafone - Prepaid VL 52586 ACT VL 144 PostpaidVL 111
Reliance GSM - ALL 55100 Postpaid - No Separate Activation Required
BSNL - GPRS PRE 53733 Postpaid - Submit Written Request to a local BSNL Center
TATA Docomo - INTERNET 52270 First recharge with a special EVD for Rs.15 and then select DOCOMO internet APN through the internet browser on their handset
Idea - GPRS 4666 FRESH 4666
AIRCEL WAP 121 Buy pocket Internet Cards and recharge it. postpaid - Fill GPRS Enrollment form at AIRCEL Cellcity
UNINOR Automatic GPRS settings provided on inserting SIM. For more details, SMS "ALL" to toll free number 58355


Please memorize your User ID and delete SMS containing the information.

After receiving the SMS with User ID and default MPIN, immediately log on to Mobile Banking and change your default M-PIN

Please don't disclose your User ID and MPIN to anyone.

Please change your MPIN at regular intervals

Please don't use obvious passwords (like name, date of birth, etc.).


• To check Model no. of Nokia Handset- *#0000#.
• To check Model no. of Sony Ericsson Handset - press down the button available on the right hand side rim, which we normally use to decrease volume..
• To check Model no. of Samsung Handset- Just switch off the phone and switch it on again.
• Normally, model no. can be found inside the handset if you remove battery. .
• To protect phone from misuse due to theft-dial *#06# you will get a 16 digit no. Note that down. If you lost your mobile just call service provider n tells him this no. to block, then nobody else will able to use your cell phone.
• To save your mobile battery go to setting change brightness then your battery life will increase.
• User ID is alpha numeric & case sensitive. In order to change case you may use the # or * buttons on your handset (as applicable to your handset) to change the case. You may need to press # button for long Change case can be viewed on the top of the mobile screen.
• If you are trying to transfer MBS application, but not able to see Bluetooth device then check visibility of Bluetooth in customers’ handset. It may HIDDEN, change that in to shown to all mode.
• If while transferring application you get an error message “device full” then go to Bluetooth settings of your mobile handset and delete some devices.
• If while transferring application customer asks for pass key or pass code then tell him to enter any no.(e.g.12) then you also need to enter same no. in your handset.
• For BlackBerry handsets, please use menu button or Alt+ menu button to get the State Bank Freedom menu prompt.
• For MicroMax Q3 (Qwerty pad), basic application works
• In the case of HTC mobiles, you need to change to GPRS immediately on downloading the application.
• IPhones do not support external softwares. For IPhones, please use Mobile Banking Service through WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).
• For duel SIM handsets, please use first SIM of handset for Mobile Banking Service.
• If you do not find specific mbs application as per your mobile make ,you may download generic version (any phone) of MBS application, suitable for most of the mobiles other than touch phones, windows based, qwerty pads, blackberry etc.
• It is advisable to off automatic key guard if user is accessing Mobile Banking Service over USSD. It will prevent the unwanted cancellation of sessions. Sometimes, when we use MBS over USSD, we cancel sessions unwillingly when we try to unlock key guard.

Process of Usage of Mobile Banking Service over WAP

Registration Process

The registration process will be the same as for application-based service i.e. in two phases – over ATM/ branch and over mobile phone. The process over mobile phone, though essentially same as detailed above under “Change MPIN” will be done through the Browser of the mobile phone.

The procedure is described below:

a) Send a SMS MBSREG to 567676
b) User ID and default MPIN will be received over SMS
c) Open the browser of the mobile phone
d) Enter the address: http://mobile.prepaidsbi.com/sbiwap/
e) A screen will be displayed asking for Login id and Pin.
f) Enter the User ID and the default MPIN in the respective fields and select ‘Login’.
g) The next screen will ask for WAP login id, which will be received over SMS.
h) Enter this WAP login id in the browser screen. If the mobile phone does not facilitate accessing the Inbox while using another screen, you will have to exit the browser and then open the inbox to access the SMS having the WAP login id. Open the browser again and follow the procedure detailed above to enter the Login id and default MPIN. The next screen will ask for WAP Login id. Enter the number received over SMS and select ‘Send’.

i) If details entered are correct, the next screen with the Main Menu of the Mobile Banking Service will be displayed.
j) It is mandatory to change the default MPIN first before using any of the services. The procedure for this is as under:
Main Menu > Settings > Change MPIN > enter default MPIN
received over SMS under OLD MPIN > enter new MPIN >
confirm the new MPIN > select ‘Change’
k) Confirmation regarding the change of MPIN will be received over SMS and also displayed on the screen.
l) To complete the registration process, register at ATM or branch as detailed above under “Activation of your service at ATM/ Branch”.